Corporate Events: Current Trends

Corporate Events: Current Trends

You can broadcast live on Facebook using only your smartphone with Facebook Live. You have up to 90 minutes to broadcast. Facebook makes the video available in your stream once your broadcast stops, and you can alter viewing permissions.

Facebook also prioritises live video in streams over other material, so if your Facebook reach is dwindling, this is a wonderful method to make up for it. Remember, not only can you utilise it, but so can your guests. Consider innovative ways to promote broadcasts to boost your word-of-mouth marketing.

Personalized Marketing

Data will be utilised to personalise services and sessions, identify optimal locations, and increase ticket sales. It's already assisting intelligent event planners in reducing advertising costs by locating their target audience through actions and activities that people are blogging about on social media. In targeted landing pages, personalization continues to play an important role. These will become more common, and event planners will work with marketers to create personalised landing sites based on previous actions.

Planners can also use the Facebook Pixel to retarget visitors to their website for a more personalised marketing approach. The capacity to spot a warm lead, one who has expressed interest in the past through a visit.

Personalized Registration

Today's event software is sophisticated enough to offer different registration alternatives depending on the sort of participant. This trend of personalising the registration process is likely to continue. Look for ways to fine-tune the offer based on the type of attendance, such as additional discounts, activities, and information based on the type and history of activities.

Putting Guests in the Driver's Seat

Allowing attendees more control over their event experience and collaterals through personalised agendas (that they can shape on their own), event substitutions, technology prompts based on their answers (if they select this, then they have the option for this), automated networking suggestions based on past activity and interests, and auto-scheduling are all examples of how personalization can be used. Some of this is possible with today's event technology. Keep an eye on how event software is evolving to relieve you and your employees of some of the load and allow guests to conduct more self-service.

Emails that are more intelligent

Event planners are embracing email marketing to develop a lot more tailored marketing campaign based on past activity and data, which is a powerful tool for increasing attendance. In today's individualized climate, one-size-fits-all emails will put you at a disadvantage. Drip campaigns based on activity are becoming more common, and emails will continue to be influenced by potential attendees' behavior on a more regular basis via triggers. Is it possible that the potential attendee simply went to the event website or asked a question on social media? If you don't already know, you will soon have access to this information.


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