Points to Consider for First-Time Pageant Contestants

Points to Consider for First-Time Pageant Contestants

It's nerve-wracking to be a first-timer for anything, let alone a pageant, where all eyes are on you from the moment you go on stage.

 The pageant world can be intimidating, so don't worry! I can assist soothe some worries as someone who has competed in a number of beauty pageants and mentored a number of queens.

 If you're a first-time contender, here are my suggestions.


Be prepared for the unexpected

If there's one thing you can count on from beauty pageants, it's surprises!

 Even if your pageant procedure is meticulously organized, not everything will go according to plan. When you put your plans on paper, they may turn out to be very different in real life.

 This isn't to mean that you should be fine with things running late, such as shows being delayed for hours. That is a massive no-no, but you should be able to deal with minor issues on occasion.

 There aren't all mean girls in the world

People attempt to portray pageant winners as "nasty girls," yet nothing could be further from the reality. While there are a few girls who do not get along with the majority of the other participants, everyone else gets along fine.

 You must remember that all the other girls are experiencing the same feelings as you. They are both nervous and excited, and all they want is each other's support.

 Because I was open to new relationships, I met some of my best friends in pageants. So, don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to meet new people and show your support. You never know when those pageant ties will come in  later in life.


It's a Learning Opportunity

You could think you've learnt everything there is to know going into a pageant, but hold that thinking!

 Every encounter, no matter how well prepared you are for a pageant, will teach you something new. Every pageant is unique, with its own set of judges, production staff, contestants, and so on.

 As a result, be willing to learn and take constructive criticism. Whether you win or lose the crown. You can discover something valuable about yourself that will help you better prepare for new possibilities. You'll miss out on a lot more than a crown if you're not willing to progress.


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